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  • Mount Rushmore

    February 21, 2021 by

    This landmark is breathtaking! Heads in order from left to right: George Washington (1st president), Thomas Jefferson (third), Theodore Roosevelt (26th), & Abraham Lincoln (16th) In 1884, a New York lawyer named Charles E. Rushmore traveled to South Dakota‘s Black Hills National Forest in search of possible mining sites. Upon discovering a nearby mountain, he asked… Read more

  • Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

    February 11, 2021 by

    La ville de Québec est incroyable! (Quebec City is amazing!) Chateau Frantenac The hotel takes its name from Louis de Buade, count de Palluau et de Frontenac, a key figure in New France history. Frontenac was the governor of the colony from 1672 to 1682, and again from 1689 to 1698, and is recognized for having defended it… Read more

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