São Paulo, Brazil

Municipal Theatre

With the project of Cláudio Rossi, drawings of Domiziano Rossi and construction by the Technical Office of Ramos de Azevedo, the construction started on June 26, 1903 and completed in 1911. Ramos de Azevedo was the engineer assigned to the construction. He was also helped by two Italian architects Cláudio Rossi and Domiziano Rossi. It was inspired by Paris Opera.

The first staged production was the opera Hamlet by Ambroise Thomas. The initial idea was to present an opera Il Guarany, but the company, directed by an Italian Titta Ruffo, a celebrated baritone voice of the time, did not want to count on putting works by Brazilian composers in its repertoire.

The inauguration was scheduled for September 11, but due to the delay in the arrival of the scenarios of the company, Titta Ruffo in São Paulo, since they were touring Argentina, was postponed to September 12.

Besides the inauguration, the night of September 12, 1911 was the scene of the first traffic of the city of São Paulo. The show was started with the abettura of the opera Il Guarany, by Carlos Gomes, due to the pressure of the São Paulo criticism. Then followed the staging of Ambroise Thomas’s Hamlet opera, with the baritone Titta Ruffo in the lead role. The company presented other operas during the first season.

(The auditorium is exquisitely beautiful!)

Edifício Itália (Italian Building)

This skyscraper was built from 1956 to 1965. It was designed by Brazilian architect, Franz Heep. It is the 3rd tallest building in Brazil and the 2nd in São Paulo. It has a restaurant and a room for corporate and social events.

Martinelli Building

The building was planned in 1922 by Italian developer, Comendatore Martinelli. The architects were José Campos do Amaral and Raul Silveira Simões. Construction began in 1924, and was completed in 1929. At the time of its opening, it was the tallest building in Latin America, and the largest concrete-framed building in the world.

The building was completely remodeled by Mayor Olavo Setúbal from 1975 to 1979. Today, the building houses the Departments of Municipal Housing and planning, companies Emurb and Cohab-SP, the headquarters of the Association of Banks of SP, and several shops on the ground floor of the building.

Grade: B

REFERENCE: Google Earth

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